Managed Services
We take all things tech off your to-do list. Let us handle it, so you can do what you do best…whatever that may be.

We offer comprehensive and, more importantly, customized managed service contracts tailored to fit your needs. Nothing less, nothing more. We function as your IT staff or, if you’ve already got one, your IT staff’s BFFs.

Your managed services can include:

  • Help desk and troubleshooting
  • Network assistance
  • Email setup and management
  • Device management
  • Threat detection and elimination
  • Network device monitoring

We keep your contract uncomplicated: You only pay for how many hours you think you’ll need each month. If you don’t use your hours, they roll over into next month’s total. If things get crazy, you just pay for however more hours you end up needing…at a discounted client rate, of course!

It’s simple. Like IT should be.

 Wifi Design
You should never, ever have to think about your WiFi. It should simply work. And work fast.

From covering one meeting room to large-area public systems for thousands of devices, we use the same process: Predictive mapping tracks signal strength and helps us choose network hardware that fits your space. And then we test the heck out it to make sure it does what we thought it would: Work. Like we said.  And work fast.

Guest WiFi
For you good-hearted public WiFi providers, we can get you set up with a sign-in enabled captive portal. And you know what that means: Helpful data about who’s using your guest network…and how.

Network Design
You’ve got needs now. And you’re gonna have slightly different needs later. Good network design solves for both. We create future-proofed voice and data networks on any scale, from small Ethernet systems to fiber aggregation across entire campuses. So your business can stay connected for years to come.

Security Cameras
We get it. You want to keep an eye on things. Whether you’re concerned about PCI compliance, public space monitoring or general office security, we’re here to help. We partner with Avigilon to set up security camera systems for your business, from the simple (visual monitoring) to the complex (facial recognition, license plate scanning and more).

Network Security
Fear’s no fun. So we’ll take that off your plate, too. We build in safeguards, monitor threats, and take immediate action if anything goes wrong. You keep working. We’ll handle the worrying. We’re pretty good at it.

Point of Sale Systems
Always be closing, right? To make the sale, your POS system has to be, well, on point. That’s our job, and we take it very seriously. We’re intimately familiar with all the current POS players, so we can keep your system running—and keep you selling.