IT should be simple. Our mission is to keep it that way. We take care of your tech, so you can take care of your business.

Our services are tailored, customized and designed for your needs. You don’t have to commit to a one-size-never-fits-all package of products and services you don’t want. We fit your custom package to your business, not somebody else’s.

We don’t rec products that don’t fit. We partner with everybody from tried-and-true suppliers (HP, Microsoft) to the cool new kids (Meraki, Avigilon). We use whoever and whatever is going to solve your particular IT puzzle. We aren’t tied to particular suppliers, hardware, software or methods. We are committed to coming up with creative answers to your toughest IT questions, and that means having access to all the tools…not just the ones we’re used to using.

You only pay for what you need. Instead of a flat service fee, which incentivizes the provider to spend as little time as possible on you, we price based on reality. Your contract includes our best estimate for how many hours you will need each month. Nothing less, nothing more. If you don’t use them, they roll over to next month. If things get crazy, and you need more time and attention, we’ll bill you for the extra hours you use at a reduced rate. That way, you’re only paying for what you use. And we’re only billing for what we do. It’s only fair.

You know what else is fair? You own your own tech. We hope you want to stay together for a very long time. (Most of our clients are now old friends; we were founded in 2000!) But just in case moving on would serve you better, you won’t have to worry about a difficult transfer. Your tech is your tech. We’re just happy to manage it…for as long as you want us to.

Finally, we stay the right size. We’ll never be so big your name becomes a number. Instead, you’ll always be one of a carefully curated list of clients we love working with, for and around. It’s the same on our side: We keep our core team small, flexible and efficient, but we bring in big-gun specialists when it will serve you best. It’s all about you, remember?